Friday, February 16, 2007

Can spring be far behind?

It's cold and icy here, and most of us are holed up where it's warm. The muskrats are in their lodge in the creek marsh, just below our deck... they'll be out to eat the green cattail shoots when the weather gets warm.

No matter how often it snows, it's still magical. As a native Floridian, I didn't see snow until I was 21 and went to Connecticut for grad school. I've made up for lost sledding and skiing time since then!

Some of us prefer the company of a good friend on a cold day, and a warm spot (and hey, if you match the sheets, so much the better!)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Work never sleeps

Doggone, but I don't know where the past two weeks went. I think part of it is work; when I crank and try to get a lot done, I lose track of time. Since I'm playing catch up right now, I seem to have lost a couple of days! Ah, there are days when I love telecommuting, and others when it sucks... it's always there, the 24/7/365 (unless the system or Comcast is down), the eternal guilt trip. But I have learned to put it aside, or else I'd be a crabby stressed-out harpy. Not that I can't get crabby and harpy-ish anyway, but better to remove the stresses that predispose to that condition!

At least yesterday's nasty ice/snow storm left without too much damage or hassle... we were without power for about six hours, but all is OK. Pretty much everything had melted by the late afternoon. The creek has a nearly complete crust of ice on it. It hasn't been that frozen since the first winter we were here (2003-4), and it froze over completely -- pretty rare for a tidal creek. The boys missed one day of school, had an early dismissal on Tuesday and a late start today, then they have tomorrow and Monday off. I love having them home, but it plays havoc with my work schedule.

Time to get baking -- I have a meeting tonight and it's my turn for snacks, so I'm making one-bowl brownie cookies... mmm... hopefully I'll get to finish the sock I'm working on.