Saturday, November 19, 2011

Animal behavior, human version

I have made some interesting behavioral observations recently.

1) The giant leaf blower is FUN.
2) It's almost as Zen as raking leaves, more so if your brand of Zen involves having a roaring two-cycle engine strapped to your back, jetpack style.
3) There is a sense of omnipotent power in moving leaves around without actually touching them
4) Those who usually operate this piece of equipment make it seem like a mighty and difficult chore, which requires several weeks of steeling oneself to face, is always accompanied by much groaning and weeping and gnashing of teeth, and results in extended recuperation time involving the TV or better yet, napping.
5) Perhaps point 4 is designed to steer us away from the fact of points 1-3, in the hopes that we will not catch on.