Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Autumn brings the beginning of the end of the year.  The trees lose their brilliant summer green, leaves fade through yellows and oranges and reds to dull brown, and finally surrender to gravity with a sigh and a whisper.  Days grow short, the light becoming more precious as the wheel of the year turns toward the winter solstice.  But even as the end draws near, the first inkling of what follows peeks through the veil to draw us forward.


The doldrums of summer give way to the fresh breezes of fall, and cool evenings beg for the warmth and coziness of wool to banish the chill.  My hands sigh with pleasure as I pick up the needles and create loop after loop, beautifully colored fabric growing by inches from the work of my fingers.  Excitement returns in a groundswell of renewed enthusiasm for all things fiber.  Spinning again occupies my evenings, projects set aside come back out for much-needed attention, and Christmas knitting awaits sorting out.  The potential, the anticipation feeds the activity, and ideas flow fast and thick through my daydreams.
I am glad to be back.

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